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08 May 10

Mini Seminar In London – May 16th

Author : Daxx

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Just spoke to Vercetti and he’s gonna be at the Love Systems mini seminar coming up in London on May 16th.

Tickets are selling out fast and there’s a limited number of seats available for this event so if you’re interested in picking the brains of, and learning tips & secrets from some of the top dating coaches in Europe for a fraction of what it would normally cost then you should jump on this opportunity asap.

Vercetti is a guy you have to see & meet in person to really get the full efect of his ability and teaching, the dude is a beast! As well as learning from Vercetti you’ll get to learn from the other instructors from Europe, Mr M was over in the states recently and he said he’s going to be there too so you’ve got the best of the best coming into town!

Besides getting to pick the brains of the instructors, you’ll also be learning:

What you'll learn

It really is going to be an event you won’t want to miss, you’ll kick yourself in ass if you miss this and read the reviews of the guys that managed to secure a spot.

To find out more you can head over to Vercetti’s blog here or you can book your spot here right now.

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P.s. You can secure your sport for the mini seminar here


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