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"This stuff led me into the sack! It's only been one day and I know that I got a lot of practicing to do, but I'm looking forward to this. If there is a person I have to thank, its Daxx!"

01 November 08

Daxx’s Bio

Author : Daxx

How I Got Into Game:

    I got introduced to the game as a whole when I was 16 when my oldest cousin introduced me to David D’s Advanced Dating Techniques program. I got the impression from the program that cocky & funny was the way forward so was possibly the cockiest fuck in my high school…it got me laid, but also had other girls who thought I was an arrogant prick lol. This would change with experience.

      Before game and during my first year of learning, I would constantly k-close on the dance floor as I found it easiest. I had that side down, so began working on approaching at the bar & seated sets instead when I went into bars & clubs because the only way you’re going to get better is if you work on the areas you’re not up to scratch in.

        I began seeing some drastic improvements in my game, and a few close friends started to notice the change I was making. Not only was I improving my life in the area of game, but also my hygiene, my style which involved me getting a new wardrobe with a very tight budget, started working out (transformation pics below)

            I really was set on becoming ‘my best self’.

              It was an exciting few years.

                It came to December 07 and Style (Neil Strauss) announced he would be doing a book signing for his new book ‘Rules of The Game’ in London on Thursday January 10th 2008. I had always wanted to meet Style especially after reading The Game, so went up on the day with a mate of mine. We got there and turned out you needed tickets for the book signing so we couldn’t go in, but my mate and I did see Style as he was going upto the book signing and had a quick chat with him then.

                  Little did I know, not getting into that book signing would completely change my life.

                    Outside the book signing loads of PUAs were standing around talking game, and I noticed this tall dude chatting to a group of guys. I tapped him on the shoulder and asked ‘Hey man, do you know what time the signing finishes?’ and began chatting to him for a while. My cousin comes up a bit later and meets us.

                      Then 20 minutes or so into the conversation I find out this ‘random guy’ I’ve been chatting to is no other than Braddock from Lovesystems (formerly The Mystery Method)!!! He had to go meet up with his boys so said good to meet and that was it. Or so I thought.

                        I got to meet Style in a bar afterwards and he signed my book which was quality, he’s a really cool guy. All in all was a good night and went home with a smile on my face. Pic of me and Style below –

                            Next day I get back from the gym and sitting in my car outside my house with my mate, and he says ‘So where you wanna go tonight?’ then on the radio (Kiss100) we hear about an event on at On Anon in Piccadilly Circus. Neither of us had ever been there before so thought fuck it, and went. We get there and I notice a few faces from the book signing, then while standing at the bar a hand pats me on the shoulder and I hear

                              ‘Hey man what’s up!’

                                It’s Braddock! He was on bootcamp so didn’t want to get in his way but had a quick chat and went off. The night was sick, me and my mate were on form. It came to the end of the night and we got our coats and went outside. I looked left down the street and saw Braddock walking off. I didn’t think I’d see him again so caught up and said ‘Hey man was good to meet ya, I’ll hit you up on your blog’. Then he goes ‘Yeh for sure, hey btw I wanted to introduce you to someone’ and introduces me to an asian dude and a black dude. Braddock said they do party hosting in London and thought I might be interested so wanted to introduce me. I was so up for doing that so got their numbers, said our goodbyes and it was home time. After speaking to the asian dude a few times he said about coming out with them to Paper on Friday…on one condition…you bring 10 hot girls.

                                  I said yes for sure, no way I was missing this opportunity, so the next week I went up town everyday and approached every hot girl I saw. That’s a lie, the first day – Monday, I couldn’t approach, serious AA kicked in, Tuesday I approached 2 sets, still no girls. It came to Friday morning and I had 4 girls that may or may not come. I wasn’t gonna lose this opportunity. That day I was on fire, and turned upto Paper that night with 12 girls…let me rephrase that…12 smoking girls. I’d made the cut.

                                    The night was fucking insane, and little did I know, a couple weeks down the line of getting to know the guys more & more, that black dude & asian dude were Vercetti & Mr M from Lovesystems!!!

                                      I would also meet Sheriff, AFC Adam, Zig Zag, and many other top blokes while involved in the company.

                                        Now 10 months down the line, after being an approach coach at numerous Lovesystems bootcamps, approached coached at AFC Adams bootcamp, was an instructor for Project Rockstar, approach coaching at the Lovesystems Superconference, and meeting a fucking cool bunch of guys who are now very close mates, I’m now a Lovesystems instructor myself!

                                          Dreams do come true!

                                            Massive thanks to everyone I’ve met along my journey, you’ve all played a major part of who I am today 🙂 Especially Braddock & Mr M, if you didn’t give me that shot, my life would have taken a completely different path!

                                              Good peptides 😉


                                              “Daxx’s Bio” Comments

                                              1. Scotty boy:

                                                Hey man

                                                Liked the story its sweet, how your life has changednd shit.

                                                Im 16 coming on 17 and at school
                                                (In Scotland) im kind of cool but i aint feeling any hot girls boobs at lunchtime you know lol.

                                                BTW i have been into the PUA world for about a year but ive only been sort of researching it not really doing it but i am gonna soon im just learning all the techniques etc b4 i jump in and master it 🙂

                                                I know for alot of guys there like mayb losers, and shit but im like a cool guy who has hot FRIENDS but thats it just friends. not the guy with hot friends and hot B.J givers lol.

                                                Anyway kind of a personal question, well yeah it is, im fukin knosey btw lol

                                                How many women can you get in bed in a month?

                                                Reason is i want a goal for myself to get me motivated to like sort of not “beat ya” but to show i am able to do the same before my 18th birthday 😉

                                                Good luck on any goals you may have set up in your life

                                                Hit me back

                                                Scotty-Boy /

                                              2. Jenna Faelyn:

                                                This website is gay. I am a woman, why do men insist on treating us like fucking pieces of meat. If things are ever going to change women have to stop being staggering drunk whores (never going to happen) and men have to stop being worthless HIV positive man whores (also not gonna happen) so yeah I cant change the world BUT I can call out a no good loser when I see one. Those pics prolly arent even you! You are just a creepy dude trying to scam people out of money to buy hookers and pay strippers rent..For real if you guys in this program have a brain you will relaize that. Think of your sisters, mothers..and DAUGHTERS..If men dont take a stand, your precious little daughter will end up in the arms of a PUA get her brians fucked out and left…Good girls gone bad. Sad stuff…

                                                You want to know how to get whores..be cute, have money, be funny, lie to them and be an ass…SIMPLE free advice that you dont need to pay this scammer for.

                                                You want a good woman, a best friend…Be honest and be yourself, treat her like you would want your daughter to be treated.

                                              3. Jenna Faelyn:

                                                Oh by the way I am not an ugly bitch as you call it, feel free to add me myspace.com/mandi_cartegena I just think its wrong to treat eachother like this, even if some women are whores and bithces…I guess doing the right thing is not going to get you fucked…Karma is a bitch though, can’t wait to see what happens when you have a daughter and have to watch her cry her eyes out over men who treat her like she is not even human..

                                              4. Daxx:

                                                Pretty entertaining comments. Where did all that random hate come from? Not sure where you got the idea I see myself as a PUA or Pick Up Artist, I think that term is gay, but working on my own personal development as a person is definitely something I’ve worked on for the past few years. And will continue to work on for the rest of my life for that matter. Sucks you see it in the light that I’m out to ‘fuck girls up’ as you said, quite the contrary. I’ve actually met some of the coolest people on this planet through my journey of the last couple years. My sister for one is fascinated about social dynamics and I talk to her almost every day about it, and if someone was gonna tell me what I’m doing is wrong she’d be the first to do it.

                                                Anyway, it obviously means enough to you to comment on my blog so wanted to send you an email. But if you don’t agree with someone working on improving their life in all areas, be it relationships as well as health & wealth, then fuck I guess we have to agree to disagree.

                                                Btw I know you mistook those pics on my bio as the Terminator, but surprisingly, they are me

                                              5. Sinn's ebook slave:

                                                How is Daxx treating woman like objects? Wanting to spread your seed around is NATURAL, and he teaches it in a way that is ETHICAL. You are just too naive to see it.

                                                So he wants to make money doing it. If he offers a good service, he should be compensated for it.

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