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"This stuff led me into the sack! It's only been one day and I know that I got a lot of practicing to do, but I'm looking forward to this. If there is a person I have to thank, its Daxx!"

31 December 09

The Greatest Page In The World & New Years

Author : Daxx

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Firstly, not sure if you’ve come across this page yet or not, the fact it’s been live for around 5 full minutes is no excuse for you not following me yet. If you want WW III to happen then by not following me you’re on the right track to making it happen – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kevin-Daxx/244696651600

Secondly, every home needs at least 6 of the same Super Daxx t-shirts as the ones worn in that picture, 6 incase something happens to the other 5.

In unrelated news, Happy New Years! To make 2010 a year to remember, write down your top 20 goals for the year, then pick your top 5 that you want to have achieved come 2011. List the steps backwards from each goal’s end result, and now you have baby steps to reaching the overall goal, make a plan of how you’re going to fit them into your life and make a concious effort for no one else but yourself to achieve those goals this year!

2010 has big things on the horizon so be sure to keep one eye fixated on my blog at all times.

Until then, follow my fan page on facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kevin-Daxx/244696651600

Happy New Years everyone and all the best for 2010!!!

Daxximus Leonitus… Over & out

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Braddock posted a sick article on How To Flirt With Women recently. For anyone stuck on trying to flirt with women, as you’ll see in Braddock’s post, flirting is essentially Push-Pull. Basically what push pull is, is you doing something nice and tempering it with something mean, or doing something mean then tempering it with something nice. This doesn’t neccessarily just mean it has to be all verbal, you could say something like

(Whilst hugging her) “Your such a smartass god I hate you…”

So you’re being cold verbally, but warm physically. However if you said that whilst being cold physically, and verbally, it’s too hard of a push, so you need to add some pull in there.

Check out Braddock’s post on push-pull it’s the shit if you’re working on How To Flirt With Women.



09 December 09

Field Report From 1-1 Student

Author : Daxx

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Not sure what that image had to do with this post but I liked it so deserved to be thrown in the mix. Had a 1-1 in Los Angeles the other week and got an email from the dude the other day with a Field Report. Instead of a Dating Coach field report I thought you guys would like to read a field report from someone who is on the learning curve, and by ‘on the learning curve’ I mean pushing his comforts zones to the max & in turn getting very, very good with women –

(Field Report follows)

Last night I went to a bar near me and some cool shit happened! First off, I gotta tell you that since the one on one I’ve been working on the stuff we practiced…its not easy but I am getting better and better everytime I go out!

So I approach a set of three…

Me: You guys are adorable I had to come over and say hi!

Girls: Awwww thanks!!!!

Me: you guys dont seem like the typical oc crowd…your not from here are you?

Girls: Actually we are!

Wing: Are you hitting on my boyfriend! (he came in from behind)

Girls: Ha ha ha (one of them leans over and says I am and touches my body in a sexual way)

So i started talking to the girl that did that and then this happened..

HB: you should by me a drink!

Me: I will buy you 10,000 but you gotta buy the first one!

HB: I never by guys drink..so buy me a drink!

Me: I already told you I will by you the whole bar but, you gotta buy the first one!

HB: Come on, buy me a drink!

Me: Hey, I already told you im not gonna buy you a drink until you get the first round, if not have a good night!
(As I turned around and walked back she graves me by my hand)

HB: Okay! I’ll buy you a drink!

Me: Sweet…lets do some shots of patron!

after we took our shots…

Me: Lets dance!

HB: Sure!

as we started grinding things got hot and heavy….I went in for a kiss and we started making out on the dance floor, then she putt her hand down my pants and started rubbing my dick! I proceeded by sticking my fingers up her pussy! It was crazy…..

I wish I could tell you I fucked her but, she ended up getting smashed and that kind of fucked everything up..I got her number and we spoke today! it was cool… I’ve been noticing that women lately have given me a bunch of shit tests! so that means that I am staying much longer in set than ever before! I can feel it Kev, I know Im getting better and so far I owe this stuff to you and all the guys..so thanks man!

(Field Report End)

Awesome field report dude. Keep me updated with more stories like this one!!

Til next time,

Daxximus Leonitus

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There’s gonna be a FREE Phone & Text Game conference call held by Braddock & Savoy on December 10th at 6pm PST. (Which is 9pm EST and 2am on Friday Dec 11 GMT).

There will only be 400 spots available before the slots to get in on it close so I advise heading over to http://www.lovesystems.com/call right now to secure your free spot before all the spaces are filled!

Make sure you look both ways before crossing the road,


03 December 09

Keeping Your Girlfriend In Check…

Author : Daxx

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When your girlfriend does something like this…….

That’s how you let her know you aren’t messing around. Then to really let her know you mean business, your follow up would be –

03 December 09

If I Had A Theme Song This Would Be It

Author : Daxx

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Sick ass tune!!!