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"This stuff led me into the sack! It's only been one day and I know that I got a lot of practicing to do, but I'm looking forward to this. If there is a person I have to thank, its Daxx!"

22 July 09

Braddock’s Spring Break Post on FHM…

Author : Daxx

Daxx's Adventures

Was on the FHM site the other day and noticed an article on how to get girls on Spring Break, so had a quick look and it turned out to be Braddock’s post lol. Had a look around and found a load more –

Braddock’s Spring Break article


Other Love Systems articles on FHM


Looks like FHM agree with Love Systems’ advice!


Daxx's Adventures

Here’s the first 10 minutes of the Advanced Attraction Interview by Braddock and myself.

To get the full interview click here



18 July 09

LoveSystems On The Tyra Banks Show Video

Author : Daxx

Daxx's Adventures

I’m sure you already know about The Tyra Banks Show with Braddock & Savoy airing yesterday. They didn’t get long to work with Charlie (the student) so interesting to see what changes they could make. If you didn’t manage to catch it when it aired, check it out below –

Props to Braddock & Savoy, awesome stuff!


17 July 09

More Facebook Statuses

Author : Daxx

Daxx's Adventures

Some more statues that cracked me up –

Your name…

– has decided he is going to do (something shitty you would never do) on the 7th of never.

– is pretty sure it’s what Jesus would have done.

– heard this lady say ‘I love kids’… and I thought, that’s nice, kinda weird though. It’s like saying ‘I love people, for a while’.

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15 July 09

Braddock & Savoy on the Tyra Banks Show

Author : Daxx

Daxx's Adventures

Braddock & Savoy on Tyra Banks Show

Braddock and Savoy on the Tyra Banks show

The Don & Savoy were on the Dr. Phil show a while back that you can watch below –

Dr. Phil Episode With LoveSystems Part 1

Dr. Phil Episode With LoveSystems Part 2

This time around Braddock & Savoy are going to be on the Tyra Banks show this Friday, July 17th 2009.

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