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"This stuff led me into the sack! It's only been one day and I know that I got a lot of practicing to do, but I'm looking forward to this. If there is a person I have to thank, its Daxx!"

29 June 09

Day Game With Soul

Author : Daxx

Daxx's Adventures

Soul (who is an absolute BEAST at day game) just released his new video on Day Game, and how he got good at it. Wanted to share it with you guys.

Awesome video!!!

Daxx's Adventures

I got this article from this site, made some good points about what not to do with your facebook statuses!

Top 10 Worst Things to Do with your Facebook Status…

Facebook status updates: they’re difficult to get right, and they’re infuriating to read when they’re wrong.
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25 June 09

Advanced Attraction Interview

Author : Daxx

Daxx's Adventures

Braddock and myself recorded the Advanced Attraction Techniques interview last night. Was my first additon to the interview series and it went down with a blast, should be released soon so keep an eye out for it!

Just arrived in Boston this morning for the bootcamp this weekend, my first time in Boston & Braddock told me Calabrese is coming too so gonna be a sick weekend!

Got a tonne of instructors and approach coaches coming to this bootcamp so if you’re in the area and thinking of taking a bootcamp you can sign up here – http://www.lovesystems.com/training-schedule

As my boy in New York would say…this bootcamp is gonna be NANAS!!!!