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"This stuff led me into the sack! It's only been one day and I know that I got a lot of practicing to do, but I'm looking forward to this. If there is a person I have to thank, its Daxx!"

22 June 08

Amsterdam With Braddock

Author : Daxx

Daxx's Adventures

Day 1 –

I leave my house at 3am, drive for 3 hours to Norwich Airport, for a 35 minute flight. God damn you Braddock. Lol. I was on a buzz going to approach coach for Braddock at his BC in Amsterdam. I noticed one hot girl on the plane, and after chatting to the guy next to me the whole flight about game, at Amsterdam airport he walked past and witnessed what we’d been talking about works with his own eyes as I opened and # closed the only hot girl on our flight.

He smiled and nodded in respect lol.

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