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"This stuff led me into the sack! It's only been one day and I know that I got a lot of practicing to do, but I'm looking forward to this. If there is a person I have to thank, its Daxx!"

29 April 08

First Post – LA Baby!!!

Author : Daxx

Daxx's Adventures

What Up Guys!!

    Being my first post, I wanted to kick my blog off with a bang. The past week I’ve been in LA with Mr M, Braddock, DaHunter, Helicase, 5.0, Savoy, Prestige, Kisser…in other words.. a shitload of the MM instructors! The adventures we’ve had this past week have been sick… enjoy 😉

        Day 1 – Monday 21st:

          It begins when 5.0 and me arrive at Heathrow to meet Mr M who has already number closed a model at the airport…before we’ve even left the country…no surprises there.

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